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Major Events // 2016 - 2021

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Season 1: PL Finals

001 May_07_2016

First ever victory, breaking out of my shell & getting comfortable in front of the camera and small crowd of 2 people; this really speaks to how far we have come. It marked what I thought was the ONLY victory I would ever have, not knowing what would come later...

Trophy Kiss

Season 4: Start of Era

Basically a year later from my first event, now on a different roster with a completely new approach, the beginning of an era, the start of a domination that would last almost two entire years.

This was the first time being back at a LAN event for almost a year, seeing as I had failed to qualify for anything since the Year 1 Season 1 event. We had a lot to prove & a lot of confidence to do so, we had looked very strong domestically and in practice.


Season 5: Gamescom Era

The first big tournament: Gamescom, SUPER crowded, SUPER popular and SUPER warm as it was summer. It was arguably the first big event I had attended as I didn't make invitationals the year prior.

We actually had a big crowd for this one & played on german soil under a german org. It was our first BIG team victory and it showcased just how much potential we had.

Season 6: Win Streak Ends

004 Nov_19_2017

Our first loss as a team, we were hit by lack of controlling our emotions, the brazillian favored crowd got to us and we felt very uncomfortable in the new atmosphere that we were in. Brazil had a very different feeling from previous events, and the entire team had this sense of nervousness.


First Invitational Win

005 Feb_18_2018

The biggest comeback in Siege history & STILL to this day, the most viewed and spoken of event. The two titans of EG/PENTA fighting for the crown in a BO5 going the distance.

This is the tournament that stands out the most to me, both on an emotional level, but also performance wise. It was the peak of my own performance in my career, it made me believe that I could be one of the best players & that WE indeed were the very best team in the game at the time.


Paris Major 2018

006 Aug_19_2018

Paris was our DEBUT as G2 esports. During the off-season we had been bought up by them to represent their colors.

It was a very busy event, content, social media photos and getting to meet head of content Karina and my now favorite videographer: Charles. It was also the first event that my mom and brother attended. They were there to support me in person at the Paris Major; seeing their support for me in person really showed me just how invested they were into my career and I am eternally grateful for that.


Season 8: Brazil

007 Nov_18_2018

Second time in brazil, this time at an olympic stadium and a time when we weren't going to lose. Our main focus was the enemy of the past, the crowd, the emotions and being able to perform under those circumstances.

It was a swift 3-0 and we sent the brazilian crowd home quiet.


Invitationals 2018-2019

The tournament where we could become back-to-back champions as the first ever team in Siege history to solidify ourselves and our legacy. I don't remember much from the event to be honest, but the very first map of the grand final says it all.

The LONGEST game ever at a major event going 12-10 in favor of G2, it truly felt like the final was decided on that map.

Aug_18_2019 /////

Raleigh Major 2019

The beginning of the downfall. It's where we fell short for the second time, in a grand final we should have won in our opinion. Team felt shaky, performance was off & ultimately we were frustrated with each other and ourselves.

Jan_17_2021 /////

EU League Finals 2021

What felt like another game of titans. G2 VS BDS. The real fight to crown the kings of Europe. BDS had come from a year of success, and G2 quite the opposite, it was our first proper event with our new roles in the team & while there was a sense of discomfort, we REALLY shined through. We had a discussion after map 3 if we REALLY wanted to win this or if we should save strats for Invitationals.

We wanted to win.


Pengu Retirement

My time has come.

I have had nothing short of an INCREDIBLE journey the past 5 years, and it’s all thanks to everyone reading this.

Thank you so much for being a part of it, this journey means the world to me. I won’t disappear, but I will be entering a new chapter in my life, and I will still be playing/creating content around Siege.

- The New Beginning.

More updates soon...

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